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Decorative Fireplace Screen

decorative screen

This great screen is strictly DECORATIVE; not for use when the fireplace is in use, but it's great for spring and summer when the fireplace isn't being used! (We will have another screen project soon with copper pipe and metal mesh screen that can be used when the fireplace is going.) The look of the decorative screen is fantatstic because you can match your decor with coordinating fabric!screen


  1. 1/2-inch "PVC" plastic pipe (6 24" sections, 4 12" sections, 2 14"sections)...The pipe and connectors are available at home improvement centers in the plumbing section and usually come in 10-foot lengths. You can either have the salesperson cut the sections or buy the "pvc pipe cutter" from the same section.
  2. 12 non-threaded plastic pvc elbow connectors
  3. 2 yards fabric (there is less waste if you buy wide upholstery fabric)
  4. 6 yards jute rope or ribbon of choice
  5. 1 tube of liquid stitching glue (in fabric section)
  6. 1 can red/brown primer spray paint (or any color that coordinates with your fabric)
  7. 12 wooden beads in various sizes for decoration
  8. iron and ironing board


  1. First, put together 3 rectangles consisting of the elbow connectors and pvc sections (sides: 2-24" sections and 2-12" or 14" sections). One will be slightly wider; this is for the front portion of the screen.
  2. In a well-ventilated area, spray both sides of the rectangle sections with the brown primer and let dry.
  3. Measure your fabric to the screen portions and cut leaving a 2" allowance on each side and a 4" allowance at the top and bottom.
  4. Iron each side edge back one inch and apply the stitching glue along the entire inside seam and let dry.
  5. Measure fabric panels to find where top and bottom pocket fold will be. (Make sure panel will fit tight and will not sag)
  6. Iron the folds and apply stitching glue in a straight line to form the top and bottom pockets and let dry.(you can also tack the ends with needle and thread if desired)
  7. Pull the center pvc portions apart to slide through the pockets on the top and bottom of each panel. You should have three curtained panels.
  8. Use the jute rope to attach the panels together with the widest panel in the middle. Tie the rope and then twist it around in a decorative manner on the top and bottom junction of the 2 outside panels to the center panel.
  9. Stand the screen upright and continue decorating with the rope or ribbon. We used the jute on the outside pvc pipes by looping it "candycane" style all the way down and forming a knot at the bottom.
  10. You can also tie a bow on the center junctions and thread the wooden beads onto the "tails" of the bows for extra decoration.
  11. Turn that empty fireplace into a showpiece for the summer!!

You can also design bigger room-size screens, planter covers, table screens and so many things that we'll have a special "PVC" section in our upcoming "GREAT IDEAS"page! We'll keep you posted.