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Bed treatment  bed treatment

Add drama to your bedroom with this no-sew easy project!



  1. First steam or iron wrinkles out of panels and set aside.
  2. Hold ring up to the spot above the center of the bed on ceiling and mark each outer side to know where to install hanging hooks.
  3. Install ceiling hooks as per instructions on package. The ones that you can tap in with a hammer and then screw hook in are the easiest.
  4. With gloved hands, use plier/snips to clip the ring at the point where the circle is joined.
  5. Feed your curtain panels with good side facing out of the circle onto your ring.
  6. Attach to the ceiling hooks.
  7. Drape behind the headboard and either attach each end to a decorative bracket or drape over corners of headboard. You can use double stick tape in a discreet spot on the back of the headboard also.
  8. We added an old cameo silver medallion earring to the top center for added decoration.
  9. Enjoy!

Variations: You can customize this project by adding beading, different color borders or an oval or round framed art object on the wall in the center.

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