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romantic upholstered porch swing


  1. 5 YARDS OF FABRIC (Thick enough to withstand sitting)
  3. 2"-3" THICK UPHOLSTERY FOAM (Available at most fabric stores)


  1. Take old swing off of it's hooks and set it on the floor. You will need to move it in various directions and keep it steady for stapling.
  2. Measure out the foam to the width and height of the back and seat of the swing. we found it easiest to draw an outline on the foam with a black marker and make the cuts with a bread knife.
  3. Once you have the two cut pieces for the back and seat, fit the seat portion of the foam in first.
  4. Measure out and cut the material for the bottom seat portion leaving enough room for fitting over the edges and stapling (about 4"-5" over)
  5. Begin stapling bottom fabric portion to each wood strip behind the foam, then pull tight and begin stapling fabric under the front portion of the seat wood strips. Continue with the sides pulling tight and going around the arm strips. (the staples are placed only through the fabric into the wood, when pulled tight, this holds the foam in place)
  6. Place the back portion of foam on top of the bottom portion and cut fabric as for the bottom. Then, begin at the bottom stapling first to the wood brace strips and then pull tight and proceed under the bottom edge of the top and around the edges of the sides. It may be a tight fit to get the stapler in position on the bottom, but the foam should give way enough.
  7. Cut fabric to cover the length of the back of the swing. Begin stapling with back portion of fabric facing out and just on the bottom edge of the fabric to the top portion of the back of the swing as to not let the staples show when the fabric is folded down to be stapled to the bottom of the rear back portion. This will cover the rear back so that the foam will not show through. Make sure fabric is pulled as tight as possible with no folds or wrinkles.
  8. Now you can cover any lines of exposed staples around the edges with the cording. We found that "Tacky Glue"(available at craft or fabric stores) worked best and dried clear. You can also put fringe around the bottom for a more luxurious look.
    *NOTE* The fabric we used was chambray because of it's softness and durability, but our swing is not exposed to the elements. If your swing gets rain frequently, use VINYL TABLECLOTH fabric available at most fabric stores and line the bottom and back with plastic sheeting such as visqueen before placing the foam pieces.

    We've found a great site offering plans to build your own swing at purest ink, lowest prices.