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Sun Decoupage Wall Art

decoupage sun art



  1. Disassemble the picture frame, removing glass and cardboard backing.
  2. Your project can be done directly on the cardboard backing or you can use it as a template to cut another piece of matting board.
  3. Using the bottom of a coffee can, formula can or other template for a 4" diameter circle, trace a circle in the center portion of your cardboard.
  4. We then frehand-drew the rays extending out around the circle.
  5. Working in sections, starting with the sun, brush on a layer of glue and fill in with cut portions of your paper, layering glue/paper/glue until entire sun is covered. Make sure each time a layer of paper is placed that you brush the top with glue also. Smooth with damp natural sponge as you go to prevent bubbles. (we used a tie-dye printed paper for the sun and rays, but you can get a varied effect using different shades of orange and yellow paper pieces.)
  6. Using the same glue/paper/glue technique, apply the background pieces. (we used a "starry night" printed wrapping paper, but you could also use a cloud print paper) NOTE: we also used and opaque sun sticker for the sun's face.
  7. Once all parts are filled in, brush the entire area with a layer of decoupage glue and while still wet, dab it with a dry, crumpled paper towel to give it a textured, painted look.
  8. After glue is dry, spray evenly with clear acrylic topcoat.
  9. Reassemble the frame, mat and picture without the glass for a more handmade, artistic look!
  10. Hang and enjoy!

**You can find a great selection of quality papers for your decoupage projects at We Are Paper.