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garden decorating
Find paradise in your backyard this spring with this great new article from Kimberly Aardal! Click Here!

Get tips on decorating a baby's room
and also making it safer in this great new article... Click Here!

wall fountain
See a wonderful room transformation in this great new re-design article! click here!
bachelor decorating
Get some great tips on bachelor decorating with this great article. Click Here!

wall fountain
Learn how to add a touch of elegance with an indoor fountain in this great new article! click here!
fabric remodeling
Learn about the basics of patterns in decorating with this great article. Click Here!

kitchen renovation after
Get some great basic decorating tips from this great new article! click here!
bathroom remodeling
Find out how easy it is to do a total bathroom update with this great article. Click Here!

kids mural art
Find out how easy it is to do a fun mural project with your kids this summer with this great article. Click Here!

living room decorating
Learn what a great change slipcovers can make for all of your upholstered furniture pieces.
Click Here for the article.

What is Feng Shui? Find out with this informative article from Stephanie Roberts...Click here for more!
garden border

A custom-looking sofa or chair that expresses your individuality can be created easily by working with coordinating fabrics and interesting trims. A good furniture retailer will offer advice on how to coordinate multiple fabrics and textures on a piece of furniture. Click here for this article!
Help teenage daughters achieve snazzy style!
kids Those teenage years are a time when your young adult is yearning to express herself. She wants her own space that she can personalize and make her own. This could involve multiple body piercings, blue hair, or, if you're lucky, just a room makeover. Here are some tips to help her put her stamp on her living space without costing a fortune ...Click here for more!
slipcoversCheck out the great ideas in this article from Sure fit Slipcovers! Click Here to find out more!
Learn how to make jar candles in this great article by Rachel Paxton of click here!

Create great summer parties with this great new article!
garden border

Simple tips to make summer parties sizzle! ... see more of this great article. Click here for more!
Decorate your kids' rooms with style!
Children are getting smarter and more sophisticated earlier, according to child psychologists. This phenomenon, called "age compression" is one reason why children's room d�r has moved beyond pink and blue bunnies to the creation of imaginative whole-room environments...Click here for more!
Get some great tips on livening-up your living room in a wonderful article by, Colleen Moulding. Click Here!

Get some new tips on Decorating Your Living Room in a great article By Helen Marakis Portara, Inc. Click here to read!

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