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Explore this month's beautiful redesign - Designed by Hal Eisen

The clients wanted to take their living room from a place where they "just watched TV" to an upscale living space for family comfort and elegant entertaining. The room had very nice architectural features and some good furniture pieces. On the down side, it felt dark, unorganized and not used to its best potential.




Traditionally a fireplace is the main focus of any room lucky enough to have one.

The dark tiles were painted out and the stained glass doors were backed so the design would pop.Then simple squared millwork was added above for detail and to balance out the weight of the wood. Now itís the gem it had the potential to be.


Their leather sofa was reoriented towards the fireplace. This created a perfect new area by the window for a games table with four easily moved vintage chairs.

The old, dark rug was replaced with a light carpet to anchor the new seating area. This brightens and lifts the whole room while providing a contrast to the dark sofa and floors.

Mid Century design: a Noguchi coffee table and an Eames lounger with ottoman were added for that final touch of sleek elegance.



This month's redesign was completed by our design expert, Hal Eisen. Hal can be contacted for consultations on your "room(s) in need" at (416) 533-5508 or



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